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Dr. Babatunde Onabanjo

Founder / CEO, A.D. King Foundation

Dr. Babatunde Onabanjo
  • Dr. Babatunde Olusegun Onabanjo is an international leader, educator, tireless activist, educator, businessman, and family man.. He is the Founder and CEO of the project's co-sponsoring organization, AD King Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to preserving the legacy of Rev. AD King (brother of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) as well as promoting non-violence and empowering youth. One of his platforms with the Foundation is corporate responsibility for youth empowerment and social justice.
  • Dr. Babs, as he is called among friends and colleagues, is an Atlanta-based community activist committed to bringing about peace and social justice through non-violence. He has participated in peaceful demonstrations and has dedicated his time and commitment to youth programs and services. In addition, has presented the AD King Youth Empowerment Parade, community youth health clinic and has held many workshops to benefit youth as well as the community and society in general. Moreover, Dr. Babs is a documentary producer on history and Civil Rights and is the Producer of the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards and Travel Expo. He has taken tour groups to Africa and is the Convening Chair of the Bimini Peace Retreat for leaders of social justice and non-violence taking place in the Bahamas. He has been active in many community-based organisations where he helps with fundraising and brings awareness to various issues. An active member of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Dr. Babs has dined with and met with Heads of State all over Africa and the world.
  • As as an instructor at Atlanta Metropolitan College where he has served as Chair of the Computer Science Department, Dr. Babs is dedicated to his students learning experience in the classroom and equally wants them to be aware and engaged with world events outside the classroom so they understand its' impact on their lives.

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