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W. Calvin Anderson

CEO, One Safe Community

W. Calvin Anderson
  • He started singing, reciting and performing at Nathan Hale Elementary School during Friday afternoon rotating class performances encouraged by grade-level "competitive" teachers. Later on, his English teacher Ms. Miller in the 7th grade at Isaac E. Young Junior H.S. in New Rochelle, NY where he was born, introduced me to the late Mr. Ossie Davis. This began a lifelong friendship with the late Ossie and Ruby Dee Davis. ( History: he was published at 17 as a "Glow-Child" performance poet (Ruby Dee’s anthology) and mentored under the loving care of the late Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis.) He has worked with the famous couple in many professional capacities as well with products, projects and public relations. They are ever-present in his spirit...
  • Calvin was also mentored in high school and after college by dancer/choreographer Percival Borde and Dr. Pearl Primus choreographer and Cultural Anthropologist and David Kendig Commissioner of The City of New Rochelle Municipal Arts.
  • For 16 years he worked as a development consultant and festival-conference floor operation manager for the late, Larry Leon Hamlin founder and artistic director 0f the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston Salem, NC. He was also contracted by him to do publish relations for the North Carolina Black Repertory Theatre and Larry Leon Hamlin as an actor in the late Maya Angelou’s touring production of her play "Still I Rise".
  • Education: B.A. from Boston College, M.S. in Education: Supervision and Administration from Mercy College (Dobbs Ferry, NY, Capella University: M.S. Education 2012: Instructional Design for Online Learning. MS Candidate 2014 Web & Multimedia Design, Touro College, NYC, Yale University: School of Medicine: Child Development: Dr. James P. Comer Institute: School Development Program, Colgate University: Center for Education and the Economy: America’s Choice Reading Program "Ramp-Up".

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